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my logo in glass

I love working in glass and this piece has become my logo.  


I like how light transforms the glass.  Like humans the glass is simultaneously strong and fragile.  Starting in the summer of 1988, I began to make a series of stained-glass pieces for self-expression and healing after a loss.  The pieces were intuitively created in mandalas.  This piece was created while camping in the redwoods in Big Sur, CA.  I believe that music comes from the heart and is connected to and part of nature.   

The logo symbolism:  music notes (no particular song) that comes from the heart and is surrounded by nature as well as part of nature.  The green is for mountains, the blue for water, the white for the clouds as every day is not perfect and sunny, the sun for the beauty of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, the red heart for the human heart where music and emotion emerge.  The notes and the staff are soldered onto the glass. 


art gallery

I work across mediums.  Enjoy browsing a few of the art pieces I have created. If you are interested in learning more about them, learning what is for sale, or commissioning a custom piece, please contact me.

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