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I frequently speak and run workshops on music therapy, creativity, and healing. Contact me if you are interested.   


Here are recent presentations:

I provide both adaptive and non-adaptive music lessons to individuals of all ages with and without special needs or learning disabilities. Contact me for more information.

Music therapy uses the healing properties of music to treat physical, emotional, social and cognitive challenges in people of all ages and promote wellness and personal growth.

As a board-certified music therapist for 40 years, I apply my knowledge of music, psychology, and medicine to help people achieve relief from mental and physical pain and/or disabilities. No musical skills or knowledge are needed to benefit from music therapy.  


In addition to its therapeutic value, music therapy is fun and motivating—and improves quality of life. Contact me for more information.

4/12/2022 ”Music: An Inspirational Lifeforce”  National Conference for Senior Care Authority 


2/25/2022  "Treating Cognitive Challenges w/ Music Therapy" Visit link to listen to the pPodcast on Boomers Today 


11/18/2021 "Music Therapy for Older Adults"  Petaluma Senior Care Connection-Resource Group  zoom lecture 


10/15/2021  "Relaxation, Imagery and Visualization"  Matty Washburn School:  A Day of Wellness and Self-Care.  Workshop for teachers 


 11/1/2017  "The Power of Creativity to Heal":   Redwood Guild of Fiber Arts, Lecture after 2017 Santa Rosa, CA fires.

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